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Construction Plan

We conduct analysis of site condition, material parameter analysis, sort out legal requirements. Especially it is important to analyze the base material composition as biogas production depending on how much and what kind of feedstock to be fed.

Basic Design

This phase determines process, layout design, electricity/instruments design and preparing for approval books (FA) to obtain the licenses and permits. We also draft 3D layout diagram.

Feasibility Study

This is the step to receive quotations of machinery and equipment, and review if the business is feasible.
The governmental support is available for implementation of the equipment if the plan meets the requirements.

EPC Orders/Obtain Permits and Licenses

Start construction work after having the EPC Agreements signed with the relevant companies.
The clients will obtain necessary permits and licenses and review the project organization.

Completion of Construction/Commissioning

After construction is completed, commissioning and performance test will be conducted. When construed completion, the facility is transferred to the clients.

Commercial Operation

Commercial operation starts.
→We will confirm feedstock properties, continuously examine business feasibility and provide suggestion for improvements.


The most critical factor in biogas power generation is maintenance and management. TOYO has various troubleshooting knowhows and provides maintenance without stopping facility’s operation. TOYO can contribute to maximize the availability factor, highest diversion efficiency, enhanced life and increase its revenues and profit.



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